Chalk two up for team Bowman

late-sept-2007-129.jpgRecently I put together a fundraiser for the Portland Art Center. The original plan was to have bands playing at a coffee shop, and a party, we didn’t have a lot of time for planning or a good free band which could bring in a crowd, desperate measures needed to be taken and strippers didn’t seem a viable option. Next best thing- the Bed-in, for 42 hours board members and artists at the Art Center hit the sheets in a queen bed in the front window of Backspace Cafe- calling their friends on the phone and begging for money. The event was a huge success and raised over eight grand, we’re all delighted. And it of course left opportunity for some super fine crafting. The bed was a temporary loan from Design Within Reach, but missing a headboard- the day before the party I found a super tacky scrolled Americana bed-head at a garage sale for $5, two layers of chalkboard paint and we’re good to go. It proved to be a fun gimick at the party, something to do in bed and a nice announcement of who was working that shift. I held on to it, and it’s in Lucy’s room now, we leave each other notes and pictures- the black is a nice contrast to her all pink room and it’s fun to write in bed and make an ever changing display.


Now we’ve got a bit of paint left over and it is too much fun, it’s a bit like the glue gun, anything that doesn’t move is liable to get attacked in some frantic arts frenzy. The kids and I painted some pots to look like Grecian urns. Xander’s been reading some books on Greek and Roman soldiers and liked the pots immensely, deciding they are very primitive comic books. The example below is his rendition of the Illiad.



About Shawn

Shawn Bowman teaches kids film production at the Pacific College of Northwest Arts in Portland Oregon and consults on hybrid web/arts/events projects Bowman is co-founder of Indiekid Films, folks who believe everyone around the world, regardless of age should see and create great movies.

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