You’re the Yarnbomb!

It’s a mommy/daughter project in the making. Lucy and I along with our friends, mother/daughter team of Kristina and Alivia, have submitted a proposal to the forthcoming book on Yarn Bombing. If you’re not familiar with the term, yarn bombing is like doing late night graffiti, but using fiber arts rather than spray paint. It’s absurd and crafty just our criteria for a good time… enclosed is the proposal we drafted. Please cross your fingers for us, we’d really like to be included in what is sure to be the next global phenomenon of craftploytation:

Little Things, for little horses, by little girls

By Aliva Perry, Lucy Bowman

and their moms

Kristina and Shawn

The Project

Portland Oregon is notorious for it’s fabulous craft events, boutique yarn stores and off the wall art. Over the last couple years there has been a city wide spontaneous art happening where people have chained tiny horses to gigantic rings which line the sidewalks of the older business and residential neighborhoods. The original idea came from artist Scott Wayne Indiana and is called the The Horse Project . The rings were originally set in concrete for people to tie their horses to when that was the main mode of transportation. For our yarn bombing we intend to outfit the horses in legwarmers, blankets, yarn garlands and hats. Lucy and Alivia are very keen on the idea and it’s perfect beginning project for young people who are just learning to knit. The leg warmers were made on a knitting mushroom and Alivia has been making the garlands using finger knitting. We love the idea of doing a project with our kids, passing on our favorite skill and stealthy surprising the neighbors with our midnight crafting. A number of our other mom friends love this idea and have begged to be included. Picture if you will several playdates of happy knitting kindergarteners and moms drinking wine as we play “Elves and Shoemaker”

f accepted we could include basic instructions for finger knitting and using a spool. We have several illustrator friends who could render a drawing or we could take instructional photos. Enclosed are photos of the girls with their work and their sketches of the plan.


Lucy and Alivia live in Portland Oregon and are five years old. They met and spend many happy days crafting at Harmony Montessori School. Next year they will both attend Richmond a public Japanese immersion elementary school. When not pretending to be kittens, the girls spend their time drawing on walls and causing general mischief, they intend to start a band, soon. We would like to trade places with them.

The support team: Kristina Perry is a pro knitter and all around great gal, she sells her work on line here… and occasionally at the Portland Museum of Contemporary Crafts.

Shawn Bowman puts on independent film festivals for kids and families and teaches kids contemporary art classes, you can see one of her projects here… .


About Shawn

Shawn Bowman teaches kids film production at the Pacific College of Northwest Arts in Portland Oregon and consults on hybrid web/arts/events projects Bowman is co-founder of Indiekid Films, folks who believe everyone around the world, regardless of age should see and create great movies.

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