Summer slacker

Teaching grandpa to finger knit

Teaching grandpa to finger knit

I have problems sitting still for too long. Making things is less of an outlet and more of a compulsive behavior, but three cheers for productive disorders, we’ll never run out of trivets or kleenex cosies and with all those matching sweater sets the dog won’t be getting cold. The big drag of vacations is being away from my supplies. Normally I’ve got one knitting project in the car, for the times when SOMEONE ELSE is driving. More than a week from home and I start jonesing and then there is the emergency drive-by to JoAnne’s or I start rooting through unattended recycle bins. This trip I lasted about three days before dropping $20 on felt, needles, sparklies and random sticky things… here’s a catalog of the last six weeks…

No trip to my home town of Ft. Collins Colorado would be complete with out a trip to the New Belgium Brewery or stopping into the super cute knitting boutique, My Sister Knits. They’ve converted the carriage house in the back yard into a yarn shop with a wonderful selection. I really, really wanted to get a skein of handspun “Vitrehumours Yarn” from Insubodrdiknit, it’s to die for, it’s got felted eyeballs in it, how rad is that! I just couldn’t justify the cost, actually I could, but really just couldn’t explain the impending credit card bill to my better half. “But honey, I just had to have the eyeball yarn…”. Maybe for Christmas. I did get the Mochimochi chicken/egg pattern. I’m feeling so-so about the results, my egg looks like an onion…

The transition works…

but the chick is just goofy, the wings are too big proportionally… and his head looks like a bit of a boob.

Some of the other projects fared better, there was a lot of felted toy making. I gave Lucy the store bought mermaid but made her a sleeping bag and some pillows…

I spied a super craft at the Denver Zoo, a tote made from Capri Sun bags. I talked to the woman who made it, she said it sewed up super quick and wasn’t sticky as I’d suspected. I like the idea of a bag I can actually stick in the dishwasher. We don’t actually drink the stuff, but I did see some organic juices the other day in the mylar packaging, so I may get around to it…

The kids have been busy too. Lucy’s been absolutley prodigious and finished the doll blanket yesterday… We’d just finished reading “Princess and the Pea”. I think there is a plan to make several more blankets, rumor has it “a stack to the ceiling”. There was also a need for peas for the interpretive version of the story. We came to a mutual decision that REAL peas might not fare well, we made our own. A great choice since the kids spent about 3 hours in the back yard rolling dough balls of flour,water and food coloring. We had more than enough peas for the story, in fact so many that we decided to make bracelets. We used the stretchy elastic string.

But the very favorite craft this summer has been something Xander made. He came up with the design, did all the cutting and a fair part of the sewing. He also chose the fabric from my stash (some of it was stuff I’d lifted off my mom) He named the monster “Mr. Sloppy”. It’s kind of tough to see from the photo, but he’s got four legs. That particular fabric came from the Liberty’s of London shop, something my mom got there in ’85. She’s threatening to ream us both, and probably would if she knew what the remnants were selling for on Ebay. If nothing else, Mr. Sloppy is one well dressed dandy and my boy’s got expensive taste.

Mr. Sloppy

Mr. Sloppy


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Shawn Bowman teaches kids film production at the Pacific College of Northwest Arts in Portland Oregon and consults on hybrid web/arts/events projects Bowman is co-founder of Indiekid Films, folks who believe everyone around the world, regardless of age should see and create great movies.

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