Summer Cotillion and Pie Fight

A pie in the hand is better than two in the bush?

A pie in the hand is better than two in the bush?

This was the party we anticipated all summer and it was fantastic!  Marilyn and Allen opened up the old church and invited us all over for a fancy cotillion and pie fight party as  a fundraiser for the Nomadic Theater Co., clowns who practice in the space.  Heather and Sarah gave a short version of “Running into Walls” that they’ll be performing in NY in the fall.  Fay taught us “stately dancing” which was pretty hysterical, as with clowns, I have two left feet. There were several pie related activities- pie judging on beauty, pie eating, and lots of pie throwing in THE PIE PIT.  The last was a small ringed in area, similar to Mad Max’s Thunderdome, where there was a mele of bad behavior.  Thankfully there was an outside shower, but I’m still pretty sticky. And while there was no official contest for hats, several of my firends stepped up to the plate (ah hem) and made some really great head gear….



Laura based the outfit on a penchant for Pirate wear and and wearing (at least once) the over-the-top (well almost) girly pirate shirt we found for her at the rennisance festival.  The kids made their own hats too…

Lil funster

Lil funster

Xander decided his hat should be both manly and functional, since he spent most of the afternoon in the pie pit, on the receiving end, his creation was most appropriate….

The deflector

The deflector

Amy, the queen of craft and aces with a glue gun came in one hat, which she thoughtfully gave to me.  I hope the dog doesn’t eat the marshmallow trim…

I was delighted to get such an elegant gift, so I sent her home in the petite chapeau I’d made for myself.  We hope the party was a success for the clowns and that Marilyn was able to get the whipped cream off the walls, we love to do it again next year….


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Shawn Bowman teaches kids film production at the Pacific College of Northwest Arts in Portland Oregon and consults on hybrid web/arts/events projects Bowman is co-founder of Indiekid Films, folks who believe everyone around the world, regardless of age should see and create great movies.

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