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The Yolk’s on You

96 ears and 96 eyesThere was a plan- to make those super cute sugar egg dioramas like the ones my mom would give to me every Easter.  I’m still a novice with royal icing, I can make it, but the fancy decor is a bit beyond my skill set.  I decided to take some short cuts and go with the glue gun/rickrack double combo.  We’d done a dry run at craft night on Thursday and my friends had all walked away with lovely treats.  My first step was to paint the inside of the hollow sugar eggs with glitter glue, forgetting how wet some glues can be.  Lucy’s egg held up well, but the glue completely disintegrated the roof of Xander’s egg and it imploded on itself.  Fortunately the boy had asked for something spooky and really is there anything more creepy than a fly emerging from a giant egg, a gutted skeleton perched in it’s mandibles… I’d say the whole thing was a learning moment, and once again a crafting accident has turned into a gift home run, needless to say, my son is delighted though he is seriously questioning the Easter Bunny’s judgement.